Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Highlights from week 3 of transfer 6 (a.k.a. lamest subject line ever)

Hi Family!

It was soo good to talk to you yesterday! And to see your faces. I miss you guys. This week was better than last, so that's something to be happy about. I don't have a ton of time today, so here are the highlights of my week...

cutie girl from the ward with all our chapas on

After we watched the Joseph Smith movie with Rafa on Monday we asked what he thought. He said, ''Well I guess his life was kind of like Jesus' right? I mean, the people didn't believe Joseph was a prophet and that he saw God so they killed him. The people in Jesus' time didn't believe He was who He said He was, so they cruicified Him.'' Duuuuuuuuude this kid is so great. He's super quite, but then when he does say stuff, pure gold comes out!

Tuesday morning in our lesson with Eloy (it's been a whole transfer since he'd had time to meet with missionaries) he wanted to talk about baptism. We put him on date for June 8th and he said he's excited. That day I also got a call from the hermanas in Alcalá. Hermana Judy told me she was with someone who wanted to talk to me. It was Soto (my companion in Provo) who told me that she's in our mission now and I get to see her in two weeks at the temple!

On Thursday Rafa came to Family Home Evening at the church and this time a ton of youth come up to him and introduced themselves and invited him to the dance this weekend. He participated in the games and had a good time.

Friday morning Elder Pizarro got sealed to his family in the Madrid temple. It was really cute to see him reunited with his parents and two little siblings after not seeing them for 11 months. That day we also had a lesson with our Spanish David after we thought he'd disappeared. He said a really awesome prayer after a really awesome lesson.

Saturday was Elder Pizarro's birthday and I got our whole English class to sing to him. Haha it was fantastic. Then later we had ice cream cake with some other missionaries. That afternoon we found a random library in the park and it's our new email and lesson spot. There's floor to ceiling windows all around it so it's the best view of the park.

Yesterday two investigators came to church - Jaime and Gusto. Gusto is from the Philippines and doesn't speak English or Spanish very well. I tried to translate for him during sunday school, but after awhile he just turned to me, started laughing hysterically and said, ''I don't understand anything!'' It was hilarious. Lucky for us though, after church we found a complete Filipino family for him and we're having our lesson tomorrow night at their house. After church I called President to ask him a couple questions and he told me that YO SCHEU IS COMING TOMORROW! Hooraaaaay I'll be ruinited with my Ecuador homegirl so so soon. Also my camera magically started working, so pictures will forever be a part of my emails from now on.

us last night drinking alcohol free champagne to celebrate hermana olsen's sister's wedding

Hadley and Olsen's brother in love on our fridge
 And then obviously I ended my night talking to you people. I love you guys! Sorry your Mother's Day call was a week late, but I'm glad we got it to happen! I love you Mama.

My official halfway point is Friday and it's freaking me out. I never wanna leave :(

Hermana Munden

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