Monday, June 18, 2012

a thousand things to do

anybody that has served a mission knows just how much work is involved between getting your call and reporting to the mtc. i feel like i'm constantly crossing things off my never ending to-do list. here's a small idea of what i've already done...
  • written and mailed in my acceptance letter
  • applied to get my passport renewed 
  • got a couple immunizations
  • bought missionary clothes
  • set a date to get endowed
  • did my language evaluation with the language coordinator at the mtc
  • bought my plane ticket to salt lake city
  • filled out my visa application
and here's what i have left...
  • get a statewide background check
  • get my driving record
  • apply to get an apostille for spain
  • apply for an international driving permit
ahhhh it's so much work! but each task i cross off my list means i'm one step closer becoming a missionary! i cannot even express just how excited i am to be a missionary. i just wish i was leaving sooner - all this waiting is killing me! last week, my mom and i took a day trip to st. louis to do some temple related errands because the louisville temple doesn't have a distribution center. it was a great day just the two of us, and got me really excited to go through the temple.

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