Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy 2 months to meeeee!

Hi Family!

This week was too good. I can't believe I entered the MTC 2 months ago today. Weeeeeiiiird. The highlight was Saturday at Mission Conference with Elder Bednar. The lowlight was the drastic change in weather. But we'll get to that.

Monday we just went shopping for new Mission Conference clothes - we had to look good to see our favorite Apostle of the Lord, you know? About half our mission was at this place called Nickel City playing laser tag so we stopped by to see them. I talked to Elder Nilson, who is also waiting on his Spain visa, and he said President Brown from the MTC talked to his parents (I guess they're neighbors) and he said they'll be here probably mid-December and that we'll leave at the first of the year. I hope that's right! Monday night we taught Nina (our little Chinese investigator girl) about the Restoration of the Church. We had to go slowly and explain things very simply and clearly because she's still learning English, but it was good. She's so cute and so interested in learning. And her prayers are getting really good too! Monday night we also taught Doria. We made a point of seeing her every day last week since she was getting baptized, so we did. We taught her the 10 commandments and afterwards we asked if she had any questions and she was just like, "Nope, I'm just going to keep living them!" I love how willing she is to obey everything Heavenly Father wants her to. I think more of us (me included) need to have that attitude.

Tuesday morning Elder Jackson (my little brother from my last district) called me. He said he could tell from the 5 minutes he was around us on Monday that something wasn't quite right between Sister Cha and me and he wanted to be sure I was okay. I love that kid so much. He encouraged me to focus on the things I love about her and find ways to serve her and promised me things would get better. And they have! Sister Cha and I have gotten along perfectly this week and I'm grateful Elder Jackson helped me out. Tuesday was soooooo busy. We had something every single hour from noon until 9. But it was awesome - busy days are my favorite. We had a lesson with Connor. He only had like half an hour, so we were going to talk about the importance of obedience, prayer, and studying the scriptures. He told us he ordered a quad and he was super excited about it. He asked us how we mark our scriptures and we told him each of our systems. I told him that scripture mastery verses were a good place to start, so I let him borrow my card thing that has all 100 of them. Afterwards we had a lesson with Nina. We had planned to teach the Plan of Salvation, but we decided first that it'd be a good idea to answer any questions she had. I like her a lot because she's so sincere. She's not embarrassed or afraid to say/ask anything - she is always really honest and tells us exactly what she thinks and feels about the things we teach her. Then it was time for dinner. The ward who was in charge of our meals last week forgot about us, so we had to find our own dinners. We called the Gill family and asked if they could feed us and Sister Gill said yes! I love that family so much. They're seriously the sweetest. She made us chimmichangas (no idea how to spell that) and we talked about the election and stuff. I want to go to their house for Christmas because I know it would feel like home. Haha they're the absolute best. After dinner they took us to our next appointment. We normally meet with Justin and Stephanie once a week, but since Justin was working, we still wanted to visit Stephanie, so we did. We watched the Special Witnesses of Christ DVD. There's nothing more powerful than the testimonies of the Prophet and Apostles, so that was really neat. Then we spoke at another Relief Society thing. I love doing that! I wish I had heard from Sisters before I decided to go on a mission. We always here from returned Elders, but it's not the same.

Wednesday morning we woke up to like 10 different texts from our investigators that Obama had won. We were hoping it had just been a terrible nightmare, but newspaper headlines when we got to campus confirmed that it wasn't. Lame. Anyways, we taught Tabitha the Plan of Salvation. Those lessons are my favorite. Since being out here, I love the Plan of Salvation so much more. And teaching people about this plan that Heavenly Father has for them and their family is the absolute best. This kid Jordan Lee (who served in Sister Cha's ward back home) came with us. His testimony really helped bring the Spirit and afterwards he sang "Be Still, My Soul" to her. It was so preeeeetty. I think we all might have teared up a little bit. But that's okay - crying on a regular basis is acceptable when you're crying happy gospel tears. Cutie little Nina left for China on Thursday, so she made us dinner Wednesday night. I love that girl! It was so cute.

We walked in and she had the table all set and everything. First we had fish ball soup (ew) which was basically broth with fish meatballs in it. Then we had dumplings (basically postickers) and those were delish. We also had California rolls (my fave) and fruit. So good. I love real Chinese food. After dinner with Nina we went to Doria's and reviewed the baptismal interview questions with her. She did so great and she was so ready for her baptism Saturday. It was awesome getting to hear her testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation and the Atonement. After Doria we had a little time before we had to go home. One of the YSA wars was having an activity in the middle of the apartment complex. They were bowling with frozen turkeys and they invited us to play. Haha omg it was so much fun. Sister Cha and I sucked at it, but it was fun trying!

Thursday was kind of a slow day because meetings took up a lot of it. We taught Ashley the Law of Chastity. It always amazes me how teaching that commandment is never awkward. But when we explain why we have the Law of Chastity and the blessings that come from it, the Spirit is there and it takes away any awkwardness. We also had Doria's baptismal interview with the District Leader and it went swimmingly. She got the green light for Saturday!

Ewwwwww it snowed Friday morning. So so much. I hate snow. I know I should be used to it by now since I've lived in Rexburg for 3 years, but I will never get used to snow. Worst stuff ever.

While we were doing our weekly planning at the chapel, Doria came up with her friend Kendra to try on her white jumpsuit thing. She's so excited! We had an awesome lesson with Conman. We taught him the 10 commandments and he showed us his pretty new quad. He's excited to start marking scriptures! We had dinner with the Gill family again (they don't hate us for asking twice in one week). Sister Gill made us pasta and salad and bread. So yummy. We went and visited this lady Katia who isn't a member, but her daughters are, and she fed us hot apple cider and pumpkin pie. We're going to find a time this week to visit her and hopefully start teaching her. We got home and the power went out. Awesome. Bro. Barlow brought us down some emergency candles and a flashlight, but it was still a sucky situation.

We woke up early Saturday morning so we could get to the chapel early for Doria's baptism, but the power was still out. We called Sister McCune and she came to get us so we could get ready at the mission home. Suuuuch a pretty house. She made us yummy breakfast and took us to our baptism. The baptism went perfectly. After she got out of the font, she came back in the bathroom area to change and just started bawling. Happy tears though! It was perfect. Afterwards was Mission Conference. Best 4 hours of my life. I love Elder Bednar so much. I'm late, so I don't have time to tell you what he taught us (it'll have to wait til next week), but it was the best. He let us all go up and shake his hand. I love that guy.

Hermana Munden

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