Monday, December 10, 2012

"Think the best of each other, especially those you say you love. Assume the good and doubt the bad."

Hi Family :)

Wednesday was transfer day! I love transfer day a whole lot. Elders Salvador and Hifo went home so that was pretty sad. I'm gonna miss those guys. Elder Salvador is from Brazil and Elder Hifo is from Tonga.
Elder Salvador and me on transfer day
Us with Elder Hifo
Oh! Since I'm staying at BYU for another transfer, I ordered an English name tag. I'm actually really excited about it, even though this will probably be the only English area I'll ever be in. Haha oh well!

Last night we went to see Katia and her girls. We brought Emily with us again (she's getting ready to serve in Brazil so she comes teaching with us sometimes) and afterwards she was like, "Guys, something really cool just happened. I didn't understand any of that (we teach her in Spanish), but I still felt the Spirit!" Yep, pretty awesome how it works like that. When I was in my last area and we'd go to the Portuguese ward, I didn't understand anything, but I always knew the Spirit was there. I'm glad Emily was able to experience that.

Thursday we met with Connor. We talked a lot about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how they support each other. I felt like I should ask him if he believed the Book of Mormon was true. He said he thinks he's getting close and that the question of it's truth is a part of his daily prayers. Yay Conman :)

Connor's Christmas tree!
Friday morning we went to the temple with Ashley for her first time! It was INCREDIBLE. Since we're missionaries, we couldn't do baptisms with her, but we did confirmations and watched her do baptisms. She looked so preeeeettty, and of course, Sister Cha and I cried. Pathetic. Afterwards she told us she was really nervous, even more nervous than she was for her own baptism. Silly girl. It was awesome though. I just love her.

Friday we contacted this referral we got a couple weeks ago. Her name is Rachel and her sister is a convert, so that's how she knows about the church. I'm really excited about her. And she's really excited too! She has all these questions and things she wants to learn about, so it's pretty cool. We talked about our purpose as missionaries and she told us she'd never really prayed before, but that she thought being able to communicate with God was pretty neat, so we taught her how to pray. Before we left we asked if she'd like to offer a prayer and she did it! It was super neat. She thinks prayer is the best - and it is. I'm excited to meet with her on Friday.

We had dinner that night with this really cute family. The wife's dad was one of my professors at BYUI, so that was weird. The church is suuuuuch a small world. After dinner we went to the Barlow's (the people who live above us) and made gingerbread houses. Mine fell over, but Sister Cha's is still alive and well!

My gingerbread house, while it lasted
Yesterday we had two speaking assignments in two different YSA wards. I talked about Jesus Christ as our Redeemer and Sister Cha talked about Him as our King. It went pretty well and the rest of the Christmas programs we're beauuuutiful. I love Christmas hymns (and being all around these Mormons who can sing and play instruments haha). Last night we visited Connor and watched the Joy to the World DVD with him. He liked it and said he was going to watch it with his family when he goes home for Christmas. AND we have lunch with him in about half an hour. Hooray!

Well, that's all I've got. It's been snowing the last couple days, so it's finally starting to look and feel like Christmas. We still haven't heard from President about what the phone/skype situation will be, so I'll get back to you on that. Well, I love you all! Thanks for the support and letters :)

Hermana Munden

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