Monday, December 17, 2012

'Tis the Season

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Familia!

Well, I cut my hair last Monday. Probably 10 inches or so. It's the shortest it's been in my whole life and I honestly don't know what I was thinking. Oh well. I keep telling myself it's just hair and it'll grow back, but hopefully in 14 months it'll be as long as it was. Haha at least that's what I'm praying for.

Awkward Merry Christmas from me
The semester at BYU officially ended on Friday, so everyone's gone. This place is like a ghost town. It stinks because that means most of our investigators are gone, but we're making the most of it and spending a lot of time in the two family stakes we cover. But this was our last week with all of our people here until January 6 or so! That's so long. I already miss them.
This is pretty much our relationship

Tuesday we met with Stephanie. It didn't go so well. We ended up arguing about various things and the Spirit wasn't there and it was just a really unproductive meeting. I texted Bro. Adams afterwards because we were feeling really discouraged. Stephanie's friends have been telling us they felt strongly that she was going to get baptized on December 14th and they had so much faith and were so sure it was going to happen. But we didn't have the same feeling as the date got closer. Sister Cha and I were feeling really down and wondering what we were doing wrong. Were we lacking faith? Were we lacking in obedience or diligence? What were we doing wrong? Was Stephanie not getting an answer because of something we'd done? He said, "She'll get her answer when Heavenly Father wants her to have it. At times we need to remember that we cannot do it all. We can only do our part and that's all Heavenly Father wants for us to do. Now is the time for faith and patience. Put your trust in Him and you'll never go wrong." That made me feel better. Still bummed, but better. We saw her again on Friday and the feeling between us was back to normal. She had a chat with one of her law professors who joined the church when he was at BYU and she talked to us afterwards. She realizes that it's more likely than not that her answer will come as a feeling of peace and comfort. She'll know she's gotten her answer when she feels good about baptism, but right now she feels good about waiting, and that's okay! We're not really "teaching" her anymore, but we're there when she needs us and we're going to continue to visit her and support her. Stephanie is the best.

We saw Connor almost every single day this week. Haha it was awesome. He's probably sick of us by now, but that's okay. We know somewhere deep down we're his favorite sisters :) This kid is the best. We read scriptures with him, watched some Bible videos on and helped him study for his Intro to LDS final. Homeboy got a 92% so we're proud.

Saturday was the best day everrrrrrrr. It was the sealing of a family who got baptized last year. Sister Alley taught them and Sister Cha had them as recent coverts when she got to the area, so we all went.

Mama Cha and me the morning of the sealing!
It was really neat. I'd never been to a sealing before! First, Eduardo and Veronica were sealed. And then the children came in. I'd never met this family. I'd never even seen them before in my life. But as the family knelt down around the altar together, I started crying. Shoot, everyone was crying! The Spirit in that sealing room was incredible. I felt so strongly God's love for that family. They put their hands on top of each other, and they became sealed as a family for time and all eternity - stuck like glue forever and ever. The sealer had them hug and kiss and stand in front of the mirrors and see the generations that were now so positively effected. It was seriously the best. I can't wait to (one day) go to the temple with my husband and be sealed forevz. 
Garcia family at the temple!

Reunited with my mom at the sealing!
 Soooo this week we have a Sister's Activity with all the sisters in the mission. It's going to be the last one because we're getting 30 new sisters next month and there will be too many of us to do it anymore. So that's Wednesday, then Thursday is Sister Cha's birthday and my 100th day in the mission, so we're going to the Timpanogos temple (Provo is closed). Then Friday we have Christmas Zone Conference! Hooooray. Since Monday is Christmas Eve, we're not doing emails until Wednesday, so don't be surprised when you don't hear from me. Our district had interviews with President this last week and he also thinks the visa waiters will be leaving in January. We'll see! I'm just happy to be in Provo for Christmas.

I love this time of year so much! The presents, and lights, and songs, and glitter, and parties are all wonderful parts of Christmas, but it's important to remember that the reason we celebrate this season is because we celebrate the birth of our Savior! I know that He lives, and loves us. I'm grateful for the time I have this year to share that with the world (or at least Provo). The best gift any of us has ever received is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He is the way back home to our Father. This is one of my favorite quotes by Elder Holland, "There is not a single loophole or curveball or open trench to fall into for the man or woman who walks the path that Christ walks. When He says, 'Come, follow me,' He mans that He knows where the quicksand is and where the thorns are and the best way to handle the slippery slope near the summit of our personal mountains. He knows it all, and He knows the way. He is the way."

I love you all! Talk to you Tuesday :)


Hermana Munden

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