Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hi Family :)

So we moved houses on Monday. It's 5 miles from BYU, so we got a car! Right before I leave the area. Convenient. It's a brand new 2013 white Chevy Malibu and it only had 74 miles on it when we got it because they drove it down from SLC. I got to drive it for like 3 hours though because Cha had a trainer's meeting to go to, and I had to go work. It was niiiiiice. I moved into my new house with my new companions on Wednesday. The house is huge and really nice and the best conditions I've been in since being here. It sucks that I only get it for a week, but that's okay!

Us and the Barlows - best landlords everrrrrrr
I looove Hermana Barrera and Hermana Vandenbark. They're really fantastic. Nothing has gone wrong, no one has cried, and no one feels like a third wheel. It's going great. Haha but really, they're really fun. Barrera has been our for a year on Friday, she's Mexican but is from Colorado, and she speaks perfect English and Spanish. Vandenbark has been out 8 months, she's from Indiana but her parents are currently living in the Olathe Kansas Stake, and I like her a lot too. She's really really sweet!

Life in Slate Canyon is goooood. Whitewashing is HARD though. The elders didn't leave a very detailed area book so it was hard to figure out what was going on. We've spent most of the last five days visiting ward leadership to meet some of the families in the ward and build a relationship with them and it's been going really well. Everyone we've met is really nice and excited to have sisters in the ward for the first time in what sounds like forever!

So for some detail on the exciting events of last week... Thursday morning during studies I got call from President McCune. "Sister Munden, I have some verrrrrrrry good news for you." Of course I assumed it was my visa, and it was! I feel like I've been waiting for this day forevz. Probably because I have. It's been a long 6 months since I applied for my visa and 4 long months in the field. Surprisingly, I'm kind of sad to leave. I've really loved my time in this mission. I love President and Sister McCune and the 5 companions I've had here. I've loved my DL's and ZL's and teaching in Provo. It's gonna be hard to leave. But that being said, I can't WAIT to get to Spain. It's going to be an entirely different experience and I'm half nervous and half excited. I'm prepared to work hard, speak with a lisp, eat really good food, and love everyone. Yay for Spain!

Elder Kuhn and Elder Chavez left us a note with all the appointments we had, so Saturday morning we went to teach Sasha and her daughter Bernice. Bernice was really sweet. She told us she prays and reads the scriptures every night and feels Heavenly Father there with her. She's been to church several times and really enjoys it, so I think we might turn our focus more from Sasha to Bernice because she seems a lot more receptive and interested.

Sunday morning we had church at 9. It's weird being in an area where we only cover one ward, as opposed to 115 like at BYU. Sacrament meeting was really cool. It was all about missionary work. Sometimes I have moments when I realize how much I love being a missionary. And I was thinking about that a lot yesterday. I get to spend a year and a half of my life dedicated to serving the Lord. I get to share with people the beautiful blessing of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and help them realize and feel the love Heavenly Father has for them. It doesn't get any better than that!

Sunday night was Travis' baptism. Elder Yoon H. Choi of the Seventy came, because Travis' wife is his nice. While Travis was changing he had us sing I Am a Child of God. In English, Cha and Barrera did it in Spanish, Elder Choi and his wife did it in Japanese, the whole Choi family did it in Korean, and Bro. Aidukaitis (Travis' Ward Mission Leader) sang it in Portuguese. It was really cool. It's a song we've known forever, but it's such an important truth that we are literally children of God. I love knowing that.

Travis' massive family
So tomorrow morning I have to be at the mission home at 8 for an interview with President, we have a meeting at 9:30 at the MTC with the 50 visa waiters and the consulate, and then later this week I'll be on a plane to Madrid. Hooray!

I'm gonna miss Provo sunsets.

Hermana Munden

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