Sunday, June 9, 2013



We've spent like all day today at the mission home with all the missionaries serving around Madrid, so I'm beat. It was super fun and I got to see people I haven't seen in awhile and I said bye to Elder Gonzalez and Elder Forrest who are leaving next Monday. Speaking of next Monday, this is the last week of the transfer! It blows my mind how fast time flies in the mission.

This week went by pretty quick. I don't have a ton of time, but I'll give you the jist...

Monday: Pday in the park. We went shopping with David from Africa and I bought two scarves. Both of our lessons failed us, so we contacted in the metro all night.

Tuesday: Hermana Olsen spent the day at the Mission Home for a leadership training meeting, so I was with Hermana Seastrand all day. She's so awesome. Later that night we had a lesson with Gusto and he said he's not ready to get baptized because he's nervous people will make fun of him and judge him.

Wednesday: That morning we had Zone Training Meeting and it was really long, but so good. And some guy from Barrio 5 arranged for all the missionaries in Madrid to have A&W rootbeer. I hate rootbeer but it was still sweet, and super American. After ZTM we were supposed to have four lessons back to back, but three failed us, so we went contacting. At 8 we had a lesson with David. As I saw him walking up the steps, I turned to Armine (an RM sister from our ward) and asked if she wanted to come read the Book of Mormon with us. Of course she said yes. So we grabbed her and headed off to our lesson. We read Jacob 4 and talked about prophets. We talked about our living prophet and invited David to pray about Thomas S. Monson. Afterwards, we invited him to church on Sunday, but he reminded us he'd be in Toledo. Armine saved the day and invited him to church in Toledo. I wrote down the information and let him know I'd call the elders and let them know he's coming... He ended up not going. This guy Renato taught me some Portugues and we saw Paul from Leganés.

Thursday: I didn't hate weekly planning for the first time ever. We had an awesome plan of salvation lesson with Rafa and this cool guy Sergio came. And then Rafa stayed for Noche de Hogar.

I don't remember what happened Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because I don't have my planner and I'm not caught up in my journal. I'm especially bad this week on details and miracles and everything else. But I'm happy. Life is still good. I'll be better next week I swear.

Oh wait! Saturday was Paola and Jéssica's baptism. I'm super bummed I wasn't there, but Hermana Blodgett told me all about it and apparently it was really awesome. I called Hermana Blodgett and got to talk to them like an hour before the baptism and they sounded so happy. Paola cried and told me not to forget her. But there's no way. I love them so much.

And I love you!

Love, (so much love)
Hermana Munden
P.S. Happy Graduation, Conner and Hadley! I took a moment of silence for you guys on Saturday and I have your senior pictures in my planner. Haha I can't believe my babies are all grown up.

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