Monday, October 22, 2012

Transfer Week!

I've officially been in the field longer than I was in the MTC! Finalllllllly. I guess I'll start with the big news first. We got our transfer calls on Saturday afternoon. This last week went by soooo slow waiting for our calls. But here's what's happening for the next six weeks. Hermana Alley is going to Payson speaking Spanish, Hermana Soto is going to stay here in Provo East speaking English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and I'm going to BYU Campus speaking English. I'm really gonna miss Provo East. There are so many cool people we're teaching that have come so much closer to Christ and I'm sad I won't be here if and when they decide to get baptized, but President McCune will let us come back for baptisms, so I'm glad about that. I have mixed feelings about serving at BYU. I'm excited I get to stay here in Provo, but kinda bummed about serving in English. I mean it's kind of awesome because, well, I speak English. But I'm nervous that my Spanish is going to get worse than it already is. The good thing though is that my companion, Sister Cha, is from Nicaragua, so she can help me keep practicing so I don't lose it before I get to Spain.

Alright. So this week has had more downs than ups, but that's okay. Our guy Adao from the Portuguese ward in Orem was supposed to get baptized this past Saturday. He was going to be our only baptism this whole transfer! But he hasn't been going to church and he has to go at least two times in a row before he gets baptized, so we have to push his date back a little bit. Kind of a bummer, but he's still really excited about it and knows he's making the right decision, so that's really good.
We had some awesome lessons with Michelle this week. She's told us she needs to get baptized, but she's lacking the faith that she's good enough to take that step and that she can truly be forgiven of her sins. The other day in my personal study I read Mosiah 26:22 and thought of Michelle. It says that whoever will believe in Christ, repent and baptized, will be freely forgiven. We spent our lesson that night talking to her about forgiveness. I think she's feeling better about the idea that we can be freely forgiven, and she also recognizes the importance of forgiving others. She's had some pretty terrible stuff happen to her and she told us since talking to us she's been able to talk to some people for the first time in years and tell them she forgives them. Yay Michelle! I know how hard it is to forgive people sometimes, so I'm really proud of her. We invited her to come to church with us on Sunday because it was mine and Hermana Alley's last Sunday and guess what. She came! And she brought her husband and 7 of her 8 kids. Oh goodness, it made my whole day. We also two more of our investigators there and a couple less active couples. And the theme in Sacrament Meeting was missionary work and the restoration of the gospel, so it was a good one for them to come to.

Wednesday night we had dinner at Cafe Rio with one of our recent converts and this guy who was there with his girlfriend came up to us and offered to pay for us! How sweet. We figured we shouldn't deny this kind man the blessings that would come from helping the missionaries, so we accepted his offer. Haha and then Thursday we went and got Jamba Juice and they gave it to us for free. Being a missionary in Provo is for real the best. After Jamba Juice we went home and I accidentally through my scriptures in the trash in the garage. So that was awesome. I had to have Bro. Dickson help me get them out. Oopsies. They don't stink or anything though. So I mean that's a plus.

Friday morning we had DTM (District Training Meeting) and Hermana Alley gave the spiritual thought. She shared Alma 26:16 and it's my new favorite scripture. Go look it up! It's a good one. We went out for pizza as a district afterwards and these two gentlemen who were eating with their families paid for us. Sweeties. Saturday afternoon after we got done with all our scheduled appointments, we walked by Bro. Adams house (he's in our area) to see if he was home. He was! It was good to see him - I've missed that guy. Now I wanna go find my other teachers! He made me give a spiritual thought, as only an MTC teacher would, and then we left. Afterwards we went to dinner at this lady's house. It was a nasty sweet potato and pea soup. I wish so badly that I'd eaten more weirdo vegetables and stuff when Mom tried to make me because if I had, I wouldn't be so picky now. It's a real problem. I hate almost every dinner we have. I'm excited about serving in English wards because I might finally get normal food for once!

I'm sad about leaving Hermana Alley. She's been such an awesome first companion/trainer. She thinks I'm funny even when I'm not, she encourages me, and she loves being a missionary. She's so easy to love. I think I got lucky with her and I know I'm not always going to have companions as great as she is, but I feel blessed and grateful that I got to spend my first three weeks with her. I still love being a missionary. I'm the happiest I've been in a long time and I feel my testimony growing every single day. One of the things I like best about being a missionary is the love I've developed for the scriptures. They're so good! An hour of scripture study every morning is never enough! My scriptures are covered in colors and notes and I love it.

I think that's it! I always feel like I've forgotten stuff, but this week wasn't too terribly exciting. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. Thanks for all your support.

Hermana Munden

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