Friday, February 8, 2013

Watching people run to catch the Metro is my new favorite hobby

I've been in Spain almost 2 weeks now, and my 5 month mark is on Tuesday, so that's pretty neat. We got transfer calls Saturday night and I'm staying with Hermana Miron here in Leganes. Yayyyyy!
Our zone last week before transfers
Hermana Zitting got transferred to the Islands. I'm soooo jealous. But after two more transfers here I feel like I'm gonna go be her companion in Las Palmas. We'll see.
Sunday we fasted with Eduardo. We asked him Saturday night what he wanted to fast for and he decided he wants to feel something inside that tells him this church is true and that he should get baptized. I like that a lot (and last time we did that, with Zach, homeboy got baptized two weeks later... so I was feelin pretty good about that). Sunday morning during Sacrament Meeting two of our investigators got up and bore their testimonies. One of them was Evelyn who is getting baptized the 23rd. How cool is that?
Miron, Coakwell, Evelyn, me
Monday night we ate with this Armenian family from the ward. She gave us soooo much food - soup, chicken, sausage, rice, vegetables, carrots, bread, cheese, and like 5 different kinds of desserts. Out of control. But it was so good. Tuesday morning we had district meeting. It's so weird having meetings in Spanish, but I'm getting used to it. Afterwards we went and got Chinese food with some elders from another district. They made Miron and me try this nasty slimy fish/worm thing. I asked what I got if I did it and they just said it would be a "mission experience." Lame. But I did it anyways. Disgusting.
Wednesday we went to Avila, an hour and a half west of Madrid, where they have all these castles and stuff. We left the piso at 7:30 and spent the morning there. It was windy and cold and miserable, but really really pretty.
Miron and me in Avila

The group of us that went: Elder Foster and McKeighan, Mitchell
 (a member here who comes out with us sometimes), me, Miron, Andrea (a recent convert)

And then yesterday we went to Carmen's house for lunch and a lesson. She fed us tortilla de patata. It's like onions and potatos and eggs in this big cake thing. The lesson we had with her was really cool though. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and when we were done her oldest daughter Paola said she felt like she knew God created that plan for her. She thinks it's just and fair, makes a lot of sense, and her goal is to get to the celestial kingdom. I just love them so much. It's hard not to love investigators who tell you they spent an hour and a half on Sunday reading the Book of Mormon as a family. They're incredible.

We saw Eduardo last night and I shared D&C 6: 33-34, 36-37 with him. We talked about replacing fear with faith. He recognizes that he's not going to get the feeling he wants inside until he starts reading the Book of Mormon and praying. So that's our focus right now - helping Eduardo to have a spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon, and we're going to start by getting him excited to read it.
I'm happy. Life is good. I still miss my hair. And I'm tired all the time. But I only have one year of my mission left and I want to make it as good as I can.
Hermana Munden

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