Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1 month in Spain and 24 weeks in the mission. What the...


I know I say this in every email, but this week was fantastic! Thursday we had a lesson with Carmen. She´s so cute. She wanted to learn more about faith, so we read Alma 32 together and stopped every couple verses to talk about what was going on. Halfway through the chapter, Jessica got home from school and she read the rest of it with us! We promised her a few weeks ago we´d bring her a present, so we gave her the child´s Book of Mormon we had for her and she loved it. After the prayer, Carmen went into the kitchen to cook and we stayed and visited with Jessica for a few minutes before we had to leave. She told us she wants to get baptized! We encouraged her to talk to her mom about wanting to be baptized and that we´d talk about it more the next time. Now Paola and Jessica have both said they´re ready, so we´re just waiting on Carmen. But she´s doing just fine, so we´re not too worried about it. We looooooove them.
Friday the elders in Móstoles were having a baptism, so we called Evelyn to see if she wanted to go, and the three of us went to that. The baptism was for a 27 year old girl from Honduras named Suany. We thought it´d be good for Evelyn to see what a baptism was like, since hers was the next day and she´d never been to one. Afterwards we hugged and kissed Suany and congratulated her and she said to Evelyn, ''Thanks for coming to support me today, I´ll be there for you tomorrow!'' It was pretty cute.

Saturday was the baptism! It was beauuuuutiful. I had to play the piano, which stressed me out un poco, but oh well. Her parents each prayed and they both cried. So that made Evelyn cry, and then we cried. Hahah there were a lot of tears. The Young Women sang a song and then Carlos baptized her. He´s 18 and he was so sweet with her. Hermana Miron and I stood next to the font to watch. The place I feel the Spirit most is the temple, but second most is convert baptisms. It´s incredible. Evelyn came out of the water and when we were in the bathroom with her I asked how she felt she said ''SUPER BIEN'' :) Carmen and her girls were there, and so was Eduardo. Evelyn asked Hermana Miron and I to share our testimonies so we did, and then it was Evelyn´s turn. She got up there and just started crying. When she could finally talk she said ''I know this church is true. And I am so, so happy.'' And that was it! But that´s all anyone really needed to here. It was such a good day.
Us with Evelyn on her big day
The Young Women

Evelyn and Carlos
Monday we were supposed to go visit Evelyn but when we got to her house nobody was home. So we headed back to the metro station and we ran into her and her parents. Her mom goes, ''Now Sisters, have you taught Evelyn how to pray? Because I think she might be a little confused.'' Evelyn got all embarrassed and shy and her mom continues to tell us that Evelyn has been praying in her bed, lying on her back, with her arms folded across her chest, and smiling up at the ceiling. Hahahaha it was so funny. At least she's praying! We suggested she should start praying on her knees when she could.
Yesterday President and Hermana Jackson showed up to our district meeting with SNICKERS BARS. It tasted like heaven. Yum.
Today we were going to go to Parque Europa, but it was snowing this morning, so we decided on mini-golf instead. Still fun. And so much better than mini-golf in the States.

That's all I got! I'll talk to you guys Monday though :)
Hermana Munden

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