Tuesday, March 12, 2013

8 days til I´m 22


Tomorrow I have 6 months in the mission. What the heck. I can´t believe 6 months ago I was just a little baby hermana in the MTC. Time seriously flies. In fact, I don´t have time to give you all the fantastic details of the last two weeks, so how about some highlights and lowlights? Sound good?

  • Paola and Jessica are getting baptized May 25th! We´re hoping by the time the date rolls around, Carmen will be on board too.
  • Smooy for Hermana Miron´s 18 months in the mission.
  • Evelyn´s class talked about different religions and when they got to Mormonism she stood up and said, ¨¡Soy Mormona!¨
  • Having a mission-wide fast the month with the purpose of knowing how to meet our goals. It´s incredible to know that the whole mission fasted together for the same thing.
  • Connor´s baptism on March 2nd and getting this in an email from him: Yesterday was the day! I am officially a member of the Church! It was a great ceremony. I felt the Spirit so strongly. There were probably over 100 people there and they were all so supportive! It was a great day!
  • Eating yummy Ecuadorian food at Elder Vélez´s aunt´s restaurant for free.
  • 4 new investigators in two days.
  • President Jackson playing the accordian for us today.
  • The really spiritual district meeting we had last week.
  • An all sister session at the temple.
  • Finding out that my girl Yo who was my roommate in Ecuador is coming to my mission!!!
  • Having dinner with Arbolina and her reading us the dedicatory prayer for the Madrid temple - which just so happened to be dedicated on my 8th birthday, the day before I got baptized.
  • The beautiful email I got from Stephanie today saying she and Justin are getting baptized March 30th: ¨Justin and I are being baptized on March 30th. And we couldn't be happier. I love you so much. I wish you could know how grateful I am for all you did for us. You may never know fully the impact you've had on my life...not JUST because you helped get me to baptism...but because you showed me how to love, when it's hard to love, when its easy to love...You are amazing and beautiful and I'm so blessed to have met you and to have shared part of this journey with you.¨

  • Having to eat at literally every house we go to when there just isn´t room.
  • One of the references we received telling us he´s not interested and not to call him back again.
  • Three days of not being with Hermana Miron for sister exchanges
  • Rain and wind for a week straight.

I´ll be better next week.

Hermana Munden

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