Monday, April 15, 2013

''His love is for all, but He never loses sight of the one.''

Hiiiii my beautiful people :)
Today we're going to Sol (again) with some other hermanas, so I gotta be kinda quick.
The weather is finally starting to warm up. For the last three days I've been coatless and tightless and it's fantastic. Unfortunately in about a month or so I'm apparently going to be so hot and begging for winter to come back. Not so much looking forward to that.
We had a really good week. Last Monday after P-day ended we taught English in the chapel and then had Noche de Hogar (FHE). Not many people come (by not many I mean the same two people every week), but it's still really fun. For FHE we watched the long Joseph Smith movie because neither Nancy or Miriam had seen it. I love that movie so much. Joseph is the man. The trials and suffering the early saints went through were horrible, but I'm so so grateful for all the sacrifices they made for us.
Thursday we went to the doctor because I've been in a dumb amount of pain the last two weeks and I finally called Hermana Jackson to make me an appointment. Well we made it to the doctor's office without me getting us lost (yay me) and then the dude checked me out and got me some stuff that will make me all better. Then we had a lesson with Nicol. She really wants to get baptized, but her dad is still hung up on some stuff. In the closing prayer she said, ''please let me dad give me permission to get baptized so I can be obedient and keep the commandments.'' She is the coolest 10 yearold I know and I love her prayers.
Friday I hit 7 months! We went to Nancy's and she made us a bumload of Peruvian deliciousness. Then we saw Andrea and taught her about the ten commandments. She's seriously so great. She asked how she can get more involved with the single youth and she already wants to go on splits with us and stuff after her baptism. On our way from her house to the train station we were walking along this path next to a Spanish couple when we see that the train is already here. So this girl from behind us starts running to catch it, the four of us obviously interested to see if she makes it or not. The doors began to shut and she baaaaaarely slid in. So awesome. The four of us did a little Tiger fist pump in excitement. Haha it was awesome.

We had mediodia with Rosi and her boys (one of my absolute favorites from the ward) and then headed to see Carmen and her girls. We watched a talk from Conference that they didn't get to see and it was awesome. Carmen is talking more and more about baptism and is excited about the idea of being baptized with Paola and Jessica. I have a good feeling she'll be there in white too on May 25th. After our lesson they made us dinner and we listened to church music and gave eachother backrubs and it was the best. Friday nights are Nelson's trouble night so we've made it a priority to be there with Carmen and her daughters to take their minds off of where Nelson is. They even drove us home afterwards! I love them.
Yesterday we met Andrea at the Metro station and walked to church together. When we got there everyone came up and introduced themselves to her - the members are so good at doing that here! When I was home I sucked at saying hi to new people. Work on that for me will you? It's so important that they feel welcome and that they have friends in the ward. We introduced Paola and Andrea to each other and they're not in love yet, but I'm hoping they'll be best friends soon. Haha that would be awesome.

After church we had a lesson with Pablo. He was a guy that Hermana Olsen and Coakwell had been teaching, but we'd kind of put him on the back burner because everytime we went to meet him he hadn't showed up. I'm SO glad we met with him yesterday though. He's the best. He's 59, Spanish (which are hard to get) and super sweet. He brought some material he'd found on the internet, written by a guy who'd left the church (not the best thing to be reading) and he asked us to explain it. I simply told him that the best source of information about the church and our religion is us,, the pamphlets we give him, and the Book of Mormon. He said, ''Well then if you're telling me I should just tear this up then that's what I'll do. I won't even bother reading it.'' I LOVE THIS MAN. He wants us to teach him the ''good path'' and that he wants to be a member of the church. So ooooobviously we invited him to be baptized and he agreed to May 18th. Super excited to watch his progress. Pablo is awesome.
That's pretty much all that happened last week, but it was really good. This is week 5 of the transfer, so we might do exchanges with the sisters, and we're going to the temple. Next transfer we're getting 28 new missionaries - 17 elders and 11 sisters. Which means there's a good chance I'll be training. Haha I just hope it's Yo! I asked Heavenly Father if I could be her mom, so we'll see what happens.
Guys, I love being a missionary. I never want this time to end. It's unlike anything else - I've experienced the lowest lows and the highest highs, it's the hardest thing I've ever done, I cry on a regular basis and I'm exhausted all the time. BUT this is the happiest I've ever been in my short 22 years of life. I get to tell people every single day that they have a God in heaven who loves them unconditionally and that he wants them to be happy. I get to watch people make changes, big and small, that allow them to live better, as that is the natural effect that the gospel has on you. My heart is about to explode with all the love I have for the people here. Haha it's unreal.
Hermana Munden

P.S. We get to Skype in 27 days!

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