Monday, April 1, 2013

Transfer Blodgden

Hi beautiful family :)

I've had the best week ever. Hermana Blodgett is quickly becoming one of my favorite companions. She is 22 (our birthdays are a month apart), comes from a family of 10, and calls San Fransisco home. She's been out almost 11 months and was previously in Vigo, way up north. Every transfer I get stressed out about the potential of having a new companion, and this transfer since Miron was leaving and I was certain I was getting someone new, I was especially anxious. But since she got here 2 weeks ago, it's been complete bliss. Haha that sounds super lame and weird, but it's been incredible. ANYHOW.

I'll start where I left off last week with Victor's lesson. So the game plan Tuesday was go in there and share Matthew 6:24-34, help him realize the importance of putting God first, and invite him to be baptized. We got in there and read the scripture. It talks about putting God first before everything else and that if we do, we're promised we don't have to worry about anything. Hermana Blodgett said, "You know Victor, the three of us pray for you often. We know Heavenly Father loves you, so we've been asking Him what to do." At this point Victor was literally on the edge of his seat. He cut Hermana Blodgett off, "And? What did God say? What does he want me to do?" Hermana Blodgett then asked, "Victor, will you be baptized April 20th?" He hesitated for a moment and then, with tears in eyes said, "Yes. There is no problem. If that is the will of God, who am I to argue against it?" I'm getting chills just writing this. Victor is the man! I'm super lame and I cried. Haha but it was seriously the best. It reminded me of Daisy and the awesome experience I had with her in Provo when she decided to be baptized. Well, we spent the rest of the time helping victor figure out his options. He has great faith that Heavenly Father is aware of his situation and that He will help him do whatever he needs to do so that he can be baptized in three weeks.

The rest of the day was kind of ordinary, but we were so high off of our lesson with Victor, we didn't even care. We did have a pretty awesome lesson with Marina and Laura though. I met them with Miron and they're awesome. Marina is the mom and Laura is the 9 yearold daughter and they're Colombian. Last time we went over, the husband was sick so we didn't get to meet him, but he is all better and we're teaching him too now. We taught them the Restoration and they really liked it. The Restoration is my favorite lesson to teach. I especially love teaching the part about Joseph smith. Every time I share the First Vision experience, a unique and powerful Spirit enters the room. Everything becomes still, and people can feel that what I'm saying is true. And even if they don't have a testimony of Joseph yet, they at least know that I do. Anyhow, so we talked about the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it's true, and then we gave Laura her own copy. She grabbed her Bible from her room and said she reads it when she's sad. She's the cutest. I love our new Colombian family.

Wednesday morning we got a call from President Jackson. Hermana Garcia, who is currently serving in Barrio 6 in Pavones, is really sick so she had to go home. That meant our trio was getting split up. President asked Hermana Olsen to pack her bags because she was leaving that day. SO GLAD it wasn't me. I'm not at all ready to leave Leganés. She packed everything in an impressive amount of time and we headed to Fuenlabrada for Zone Training Meeting. It was really good - we spent the whole time talking about the Atonement, since it was Semana Santa (Holy Week). I love talking about the Savior. President and Hermana Jackson came because they had to take Hermana Olsen back to Madrid with them, so they each bore their testimonies, and Hermana Jackson encouraged us each to read "The Infinite Atonement." Basically what I'm trying to say is that if someone wanted to send it to me I wouldn't even be mad :)

Thursday morning we had a lesson at Fabian's house. This was only the second time I'd taught them in the whole 2 months I've been here, but we are going to start visiting them once a week. Fabian is our investigator, and so is his 9 yearold daughter Nicol. His wife Magaly was less active for a time, but since Nicol and Fabian became interested in the church, she hasn't missed a Sunday. She's awesome. So we went over there with the plan to watch The Restoration movie because Fabian has doubts about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. When we got there, Fabian's brother Yermo was there too. So we invited him, his wife Viviana, and their son Jonny to listen. They said they didn't have time to watch the movie, so instead we just hopped on the bible videos site and watched the special Easter video. Afterwards we bore testimony of the Savior and somehow we got into a discussion about how God the Father and Jesus Christ are two separate and distinct beings. Yermo was convinced they were one, so we read some scriptures and I was proud of Fabian for explaining to his brother the nature of the Godhead. It was really cool. Then we started talking about the Book of Mormon and the eight of us read 3 Nephi 11. It was so dang cool and it felt really right. We made an appointment to come back when all of them are gonna be home again. I'm really excited! I can just picture them in the temple together.

On Saturday morning, three of the four lessons we had planned cancelled on us, which majorly bummed us out. On top of that, Hermana Blodgett and I both had baptisms going on that we couldn't be at (Stephanie and Justin in Provo, and Robert in Vigo) so we were sad all day. We decided to head to Domino's for mediodia and cheer ourselves up with some pizza. While we waited for our food we made some calls to try to salvage our day. First was Arnold. He hadn't answered his phone since our lesson with him last week and I was worried we'd lost him. He answered this time and told me that he'd been reading the Book of Mormon and loved it, but that his family didn't want him to meet with us anymore. I hate when that happens. Next was Carmen. She'd cancelled on us two days before, but said that now she wasn't busy and that we could come over! We snarfed down our pizza and headed over to visit our girls...

Unfortunately my time is up so you'll have to wait a week to hear what happened at Carmen's house. Haha don't hate me. I suck at managing my email time.

Oh! But the big news this week is this. I got a call from President yesterday and he said that they haven't been able to process my residency. I've been in Spain over 60 days and haven't been empatronized so I have to back to the States. This is my last week in Spain and next week I'll be in the Utah Provo Mission again! Yayyyyyyyyyyy :) I seriously can't wait.

I hope everyone had the best Easter and that you all enjoy hearing from the Prophet this weekend at General Conference!

Hermana Munden

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